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About Me: 


Born and raised in Germany to Italian parents, my journey has been one of cultural fusion and diverse experiences. 

My professional journey led me to the pinnacle of the sports industry, working with renowned companies in marketing. This role granted me the chance to traverse the globe, immersing myself in numerous countries and gathering a wealth of international perspectives.

In 2007, I transitioned to Switzerland. While residing in Switzerland, I dedicated myself to the study of business administration and earned a master's degree in marketing.

My artistic journey, however, had an unexpected inception. It was a dear friend, Paola, whose memory I hold dear, that introduced me to the world of painting. Her creations, birthed after attending a painting course, intrigued me. Inspired, I decided to explore this avenue myself. I embarked on my artistic voyage by partaking in various painting courses, which eventually unlocked a newfound creative passion within me.

Art became my sanctuary—a space where I could channel my personal narratives, including the dramatic experiences and traumas that have shaped my life. This creative process became a therapeutic outlet, allowing me to transform pain into vibrant art that tells its own stories.

Process & Philosophy: 

In the realm of artistic creation, Danila finds herself entranced by a unique process that bridges the waking world with the ethereal realm of dreams. As the edges of consciousness blur during the transitional state between wakefulness and slumber, a captivating dance of visions unfolds. In this hypnagogic state, the boundaries of reality and imagination become fluid, allowing her to glimpse fragments of inspiration that often elude the conscious mind.

With an open heart and a blank canvas, Danila embarks on her creative journey, unencumbered by preconceived notions or formal concepts. Instead, she embraces the raw essence of experimentation, embracing various materials as if they were her artistic allies. There's an undeniable magic in this process, a kind of alchemy where the intangible meets the tangible, and the ephemeral takes shape.

What sets Danila's approach apart is her willingness to surrender to the unknown, allowing her theme to organically emerge from the fluid strokes of her brush. As she navigates this artistic labyrinth, she is guided by an intuitive compass that leads her to a place where colors and forms converge into a harmonious composition. But the journey is not without its mysteries – in the midst of her creative trance, the lines between intention and serendipity become wonderfully blurred.

Danila's creative philosophy is a testament to the power of art as a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious.

Since 2019, Danila has been presenting her artwork in a variety of exhibitions across different countries. In 2022, she earned recognition as a finalist artist at the prestigious Art Empire Gallery in Hamburg, Germany.

The knowledge that her art has found its way into homes across Europe is both fulfilling and grounding, bringing delight to collectors and establishing connections with those who value and appreciate art.

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