BIO Danila Tramacere
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Danila Tramacere – Artist Biography

Working exclusively with oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas, Danila’s expressive and often surreal paintings invite the observer to reflect, to look beyond the surface of our conscious minds.


Danila draws inspiration from within and without. From her inner life and emotions and also themes like quantum physics, spirituality, altered states of consciousness and the concept of parallel universes.



In the series The Suffering of the Souls, her depictions of women explore pain, desire, perversion, love and mortality; the psyche and the unknown mystery. Visually, the works marry abstract and figurative elements with surrealism and symbolism.

The results are intense moments of the inner feminine world, the invisible and most vulnerable, that deals with the Darkest of the Unconsciousness where pain leaves no space and no oxygen.

A key archetype in this series is the female in different states of being. Her paintings look beyond stereotyped concepts of beauty, and instead, reflect the spiritual beauty that the soul expresses through the gaze. ​She seeks to go beyond with her work by allowing the observer to enter a state of altered reality and escape the illusion of space and time. This leads to other levels of perception and reveals something deeper and unexpected. ​ 


The women are all dealing with their own existential fears and although they may appear as if tormented or haunted, the paintings are colourful and hold a sense of optimism.

The conceptual compositions are made using traditional methods of oil paint merged with mixed media on canvas. Improvisation is a component of Danila's work, creating between the contrasting abstraction and the figurative elements, an interesting dynamism that stimulates to discover hidden elements. ​


​The creative process comes to her  in a hypnogogic state; a vision will show in her mind’s eye during the transitional phase of wakefulness and sleep. Starting without any formal concept, she will experiment and improvise with different materials until her theme becomes clear. Working without any defined sense of outcome allows her a liberating, freeing artistic process. Operating in an almost trance-like state, Danila often cannot recall all the stages of an artwork’s creation.



Danila's creative philosophy is simply to paint what is on her mind. She works from a place deep within which seeks to overcome psychological blocks and traps set by our subconscious. Danila works from the tenet that what we see and experience is only what our limiting brain allows and that we can access higher realms through meditation and psychedelics. It’s these altered states of consciousness that are the foundation of her creative philosophy.

Born in Germany to Italian parents, figurative and abstract artist Danila Tramacere has traveled extensively, living in various countries across the world. Her time spent exploring the globe has given her an international perspective, which inspires her imaginative, colourful paintings. Today, she resides in Switzerland and embarked on her creative journey after taking private art lessons and experimenting on her own. Her work has been showcased at exhibitions in Switzerland.