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In my abstract works, my artistic curiosity and passion for experimentation unfold in captivating ways. I explore a wide range of materials and take joy in combining them, observing their interactions to achieve unpredictable results.

I am particularly drawn to working with wood, a natural medium, and using oil paints.

My paintings are characterized by vibrant colors, brought to life through multiple layered applications and the use of various techniques. I enjoy playing with transparencies and color gradients, with glazes also playing a significant role.

Music is an indispensable source of inspiration for me – seamlessly blending into my works, becoming a form of color on the canvas.

My abstract works exude a life-affirming positivity, often inspired by the beauty of nature. Observers are invited to immerse themselves in the rich color nuances and forms, embarking on their own journey of interpretation.

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In the series The Suffering of the Souls, her depictions of women explore pain, desire, perversion, love and mortality; the psyche and the unknown mystery. Visually, the works marry abstract and figurative elements with surrealism and symbolism. The results are intense moments of the inner feminine world, the invisible and most vulnerable, that deals with the Darkest of the Unconsciousness where pain leaves no space and no oxygen.


The conceptual compositions are made using traditional methods of oil paint merged with mixed media on canvas. Improvisation is a component of Danila's work, creating between the contrasting abstraction and the figurative elements, an interesting dynamism that stimulates to discover hidden elements.


Danila Tramacere

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